♬ #BeckBogertAndAppice #UnreleasedSekondAlbum 1974 / #JeffBeck [?音楽]

♬     Beck Bogert & Appice Unreleased 2nd Album 1974
(23.06.07~ チンタラチンタラ ヤル気ナシの、過去にその日の気分で作って食い散らかし放置カテゴリー
                         ちょっとした整備作業中参照用の一時的アゲ 以下同文


Jeff Beck - Guitar
Tim Bogert - Bass, Vocals
Carmine Appice - Drums, Vocals
Going to several places to find info for this was mostly, unhelpful. 
They all had the same info: this bootleg comes from Japan
and what I posted here, plus extra live tracks that I dismissed from this upload. 
The live tracks I'll possibly post at a later date.
A+ studio "raw", recording.
IMO: Most tracks, disregarding the vocals, just the music, are rockin' hot!
This is not a "Final Mix". As good as it sounds, this is 'raw' material. 
With the right sound engineer, this sound would be so much cleaner. 
It's not up to the industry's standards for release to the public.
This is just what was recorded for a release and sadly, shelved.   
I am happy I can share it here, in its entirety, with all of you.
Enjoy it for what it's worth.
Source: STU & SBD & ( Bootleg AUD 2nd. Gen SBD)
01. Jizz Whizz 
02. Laughing Lady
03. Prayin'
04. (Get Ready) Yar Lovemakers'
05. Livin' Life Backwards
06. Solid Lifter
07. Satisfied
08. All In Your Mind
09. Time Is A Lady
Total time: 34:24

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